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Eeny meeny miney…oh what the heck. With 24 rotating taps to try, you beer connoisseurs are in for a treat (or three). But if you're one who merely dabbles in the finer pleasures, don't let our impressive menu of craft beers intimidate you. There is a beer on this list for every taste and there's no need to step away from the bar. Our bar staff has a gift for pairing the best beers with your menu choices and your flavor preferences. Think of it as an adventure.

TapHouse 41 strives to include as many of the general 28 beer styles possible and many styles of ales and lagers. We rotate labels as often as possible, sometimes seasonally and sometimes just for the hell of it. If you find a favorite, be sure to let us know. With enough positive feedback, we'll keep your go-to beers in rotation.

Now, just to make sure we have our bases covered, a little education. Ales are crafted with top fermenting yeast, generally served at room temperature and often thought of as the thicker, darker and more “serious” beers. Some flavors are intense enough to put hair on your chest, some styles so thick you can almost chew ‘em. We also have our pale ales to lighten things up as well as our people-friendly wheat beers.

Speaking of friendly, lagers are the more “American” style beer, served cold and offering a cleaner flavor. Lagers are made with bottom fermenting yeast at cooler temperatures—an old German trick devised centuries ago to help draft beer from contaminating. Lagers range from pale gold to robust amber, with fruity undertones and a refreshing boldness. Ask your wait staff for recommendations.



$1 OFF All Tap Beers 

$2 OFF  Wine by the Glass

$2 OFF Any Standard Pour Bourbon (valued over $6)


Purchase one beer from each tap. Earn A Filled Growler of your choice.