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With roots firmly established in Bourbon County, Kentucky, bourbon is the toast of the South and holds the proud title of being America's favorite spirit. Thanks to its gentleman's charm and ability to pair with just about anything, bourbon has a fanatical following. If you ask us, nothing goes better with beer than bourbon unless you count our burgers. Throw all three on the table and you've got yourself a trifecta.

But back to the bourbon. We love the stuff. In fact, we love it so much you'll find an entire menu dedicated to it. With over forty bourbons; you will also find over thirty kinds of other whiskeys, Tennessee, Canadian, Scotch and Irish whiskeys. You'll also find your favorite bourbon cocktails using conventional recipes and some creative new twists. Not sure where to start? Our bar staff can point you in the right direction. Of course, it may require a “taster” or two to get you on your way.

All our bourbons are available as a taster (T), a standard pour (S) or as a Manhattan or Old Fashioned (M/O). If you're a slammer, you can knock back a short glass all by itself. If you're a sipper, we'll bring your water (or whatever you prefer) on the side so you can mix it just the way you like it.

From time to time, we do get in some unique, very rare, limited edition ANTIQUES for you to peruse and enjoy. If you are up for a big night out, ask to see our Reserve Bourbon List and we'll see what we have in stock.

Just don't be surprised if you gain a few new friends by the end of the night.