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Burgers (covid)

Big, juicy, amazing burgers. That's what we specialize in here at TapHouse 41. In fact, our entire menu pays homage to this carnivorous creation, from the generous Standard Burger to the mysterious Q (obviously classified). Each jaw-dropping burger is the brainchild of our culinary team, who spend their waking hours dreaming up new ways to blow your mind.

Example? Every burger recipe starts with a healthy hunk of grain-fed Midwestern Angus beef, a perfect 50/50 blend of chuck and brisket to keep things interesting. Then we add a clever cast of ingredients and unexpected flavor combinations, all presented to you with a flourish worthy of applause (this explains your desire to clap after every bite).

Pair your insanely delicious burger with one of our 24 handcrafted brews, and you may never want to eat anything else again.

If you're here for the liquor and just need a little snackin' food, we get you. You'll find sides, appetizers and small plates when you're in the mood to graze. Even when your appetite is small, our apps are a big indulgence.

In a nutshell, TapHouse 41 really is that good. But don't just take our word for it. Belly up to a table and take the time to enjoy the best burger you've ever laid lips on.